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  Hi, and welcome to my website!

  This is the place where you can see the way I express my specific understanding of how a guitar or bass should look and sound.

  Working all by hand the way the old masters used to do, following the luthier's traditions, using rare and precisely selected woods, I unleash in my instruments spirit, distinctive character and specific sound.
  I do not use a CNC Router. I build every single instrument with care, passion and attention to detail which is a guarantee for quality for life.
                                                                        Kostadin Dimitrov - KD

     "REV II"
 This model is a reflection of the original "Rev" seen through my eyes a few years later.New feature included...Read more>

Another design concept I have been working on. It is not just a simple relic style applyed, it is a precise and...Read more>

 The first, the original and the only! I designed this model in 2009 and over the years it has proven itself as...Read more>