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  Saturn 5 "Mr. Plum"
Hand crafted to the requested specs of international bass community ambassador Andy Irvine.

"Phen" Chabby
Another version of the model
 "Rev II" 5-str. Plum tree series
Built mostly of extremely rare and beautiful wood that grow in the Balkan region (Bulgaria).
 "Rev II"
"Golden" bass treasure specially designed and build for Nikolay Tsvetkov.
Quite a different viewpoint presenting, how a bass guitar would look like seen through Picasso's eyes.
  "Rev II" Mario
The collaboration between a luthier and professional bass player is the reason of the creation of this model bass. Almost an year was spent in discussions and experiments aiming to find, get and make the best.
  "Rev II"
This model is a reflection of the original "Rev" seen through my eyes a few years later. New feature included - red and blue color LED lights inserted in the fingerboard as side position marks.
  "Phen" Chabby
Another design concept I have been working on. It is not just a simple relic style applied, it is a precise and careful handcarving, which aims to represent an old, used and cracked vision, without damaging the wood of body.

"Phen" J series
  bass design made with the original "Phen" contour. The comparatively small body offers a lot of comfort, playability, low weight and perfect balance while retaining a strong and punchy sound. 

 The first, the original and the only! I designed this model in 2009 and over the years it has proven itself as a comfortable, luxury and fantastic sounding bass.
  "Saturn" 5-str Fretless
 I simply did not have time to make a fretless KD model until I met Mariyan in the summer of 2011. Then together, both inspired by the fretless idea and fretless sound we gave birth to the "Saturn" bass project.
   "Saturn" 5-str Fretted
A logical continuation of the "Saturn" project. The mission of the fretted version was to extract the feeling and the sound quality of the fretless, and to put it in another wooden body. Mission accomplished!
To make this bass I combined old hand-craftsmanship, advanced techniques and futuristic vision. I spent nine months of passionate work to unleash the "Earthquake's" spirit.
  "Lava RB" 
I named this bass Lava-RB (River of blood) because of the pattern and colour of the wood I used to make it. I have never seen such a rare and beautiful piece of wood in all my life.
 A documentary about the Great Barrier Reef inspired me to create this model. The Giant Manta Ray truly impressed me by its beauty and kingly movements through the water.
 Something new, something artistic, an idea which came out of my imagination and the need for something totally different. I made this model bass exactly the way I saw it in my mind. Inspired by the time I lived in, the people I came across, the challenges in life I faced.