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The Goddess of Down ...
  "Silvia" Blue Bird
A brand new luxury model from "Silvia's" guitar family has just came out from KD workshop. A lot of new features, combined with rare wood materials. Officially presented at the "Holly Grail Guitar Show", Berlin, October 2016.
 "The Wiseman" 
A challenging guitar project which has everything a guitar player needs. A true guitar monster able to melt your heart, or make it explode.
  "Silvia" Black Magic
 Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a kingdom far away. She was known not only for her beauty and kindness, but also for her love of music. She sang like a bird and played different kinds of musical instruments. What the princess longed for was a mysterious instrument called a "guitar"...
A very special guitar model, which I have waited for years to build. Inspired by a person who completely changed my life I have created a modern guitar that carries the classic signs of its ancestor.
  "Silvia" Yellow Chick
A new member of the "Silvia" family has hatched in the KD guitar nursery. A new born fluffy-yellow baby guitar is ready to talk, cry, scream, or gently whisper, depending on the way you touch it.
 "Magnifica II" Ocean blue
Another version of the "Magnifica II" model, which represents minor constructional changes combined with a new translucent blue color. 

 "Magnifica II" Cherry red
This model was born after I came up with the idea to make a new and a slightly simplified version of the original "Magnifica". The body shape and headstock have been redesigned, while the archtop has been replaced with drop top using the original wood type.
Made in 2011 and officially presented at Musikmesse 2012, Frankfurt. Rare wood materials combined with stylish and ergonomic shape grab the musician's attention.
 "Pandora II" 
Musicians call this model "The cherry on the cake". Made of extremely rare piece of wood, its spalted-flamed-burl ash top is almost impossible to find. I have kept only few pieces of this wood to make special instruments like this one. 
 "Turbulence II" 
Another step deeper into the mystery of designing an elegantly-arggessive sound machine. Fantastic woods, excellent electronics and uncompomising hardware contribute hugely in making musicians say: "...this is a weapon!"

"Phen" S series
The entire philosophy (concept) of this guitar was slowly and gradually developed by two people - Sebastian and Simon. They are the parents of the model, and they are the people to whom I want to say a big "Thank you!".
 An old project of mine which combines an elegant and clean design, that accounts for the Evolution's playability and comfort for all music styles, but at the same time despite the simple design, the guitar is made using complex guitar-building techniques.