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Technical details!  

 I started working on this project in the beginning of 2009. I decided to take a look back, and to review some of the bass projects I had left on the back burner. The general idea I followed was to remake and redesign one of mine bass models on which I had worked in the earliest years of my practice as a luthier.
 The concept is simple - making a brand new bass model with a comparatively small, compact and balanced body. The hardest part was to discover and balance the thin line of coralation between the size, shape and sound. I am very happy and proud with the outcome!
 Body: One solid piece 7 years old, air dried Walnut!

 Neck: Air dried Balkan flamed Maple 2 stripes Walnut
  • 11" inches fingerboard radius
  • 34" inches scale
  • 20mm thickness at the 1-st fret
  • 22mm thickness at the 12-th fret
  • 43mm width at the nut (or 40mm)
  • 24 Jumbo frets (2,9x1,30mm)
  • Inner natural binding 
 Fingerboard: Ebony

 Construction: Set-in neck

 Tuners: KD

 Bridge: Individual, 19mm spacing, (or 20mm)

 Pickups: KD handmade humbucker, Walnut wooden box (or Haussel)

 Nut: Indian Water Bull

 Finish: High gloss Polyester

 Strap pins: Standard (or LOXX, or Schaller locking)

 Hardware: Chrome

 Elecronics, controls: 
  1. Master VOLUME
  2. Series/parallel.
  3. Active/Passive mode
  4. TONE/TREBLE control. NOTE! This pot works both in Passive and Active mode!
  5. Active EQ - Middle
  6. Active EQ - Bass control.
 The 3- band EQ - KD/N-Aaudio preamp, 9V, works as Cut/Boost. Can also be used NOLL preamp.

 Special hand-made wooden pot knobs with white dots pointers. Wooden lids of the Battery box, and electronic box.

 Copper shielding protects the entire electronic and the pick up.  

 Send me an e-mail via the Contact form to check the availability of the present model or to get more information about placing an order!

 Custom options and price are available upon request! 

 Click on the images to enlarge!


 The bass comes with:

Gigbag or HISCOX - KD hard case;
Certificate Of Authenticity;
- Set of two KD cleaning towels:


 On our Facebook page you can see the available rare wood materials. Click KDbasses to check them out.