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Author Topic: Sintoms fret wire - PROBLEM! Avoid them!  (Read 7781 times)
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« on: March 15, 2014, 08:00:32 AM »

I am writing with my own experience about the Sintoms company and "quality" of their frets wire! I become their dealer for Bulgaria in 2013 and I bought big quantity of their frets. The communication was going bad from the very beginning, the condition for purchase were bad, very high sipping price, very high Import Customs duties, and miserable dealer discount.
Anyway I made the payment and I bough the frets. After receiving I noticed that 80% from the frets are defect. The tang width was not 0,93- 0,94mm required according to their specification, but it was 1,23mm. I contacted the Sintoms seller Tatiana Afanasieva immediately, and then the problems restarted. They started to pretend that they do not know anything about the problem, but later they confirmed that there really is "small discrepancy of the measurements" but I can avoid the problem by making wider slot of the fingerboard! Such arrogance I have not ever seen in all my experience as s luthier! I wanted from them them to return my money back, or to send me new frets - they refused! I wanted from them to give me his manager contacts, they did not. They are hiding him.
So, till this moment I still do not receive any answer from them, they still do not want to return my money back or to send me other quality frets if they have such. I just wanna say - STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! THE COMPLETE LACK OF RESPECT OF THE PEOPLE WHO PAY FOR THEIR PRODUCTS, THE ARROGANCE, THE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS IGNORANCE OF THIS COMPANY WILL BRING ONLY DAMAGES TO YOU AND YOUR REPUTATION!

KD - a luthier already eaten the bitter "soup" cooked by this Sintoms Belarus company!

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